How to Make a Ukranian Folk Costume for 18 Inch Dolls


In this post you will learn exactly how to create a traditional Ukranian folk costume, complete with flower crown, peasant top (you will need a pattern), and an apron over a dirndl skirt.

The traditional Ukrainian folk costume has embroidery around the neckline, a slit opening, closed by a tassel. We found similar costumes using a peasant top so this is a good substitute. As a shortcut, we used and modified our Peasant Dress pattern to use as the top. 

And for the skirt and apron, get the Dirndl Skirt pattern with the bonus apron FREE through Sunday 03-27-22 as part of our Customer Appreciation Weekend!

Ready? Let's get to it...

Creating the Top with Trim

For the top, aside from the Peasant Dress (or similar) pattern, you will need 1 ½ yard of 1.5” wide embroidered trim, ¼” wide elastic and a hook and loop tape.

Step 1: Draw a line 2.25” from the front and back dress hem of the Peasant Dress pattern. Cut the pattern and the fabric. The sleeve stays the same. Omit the back ties.

Step 2: On the sleeve, pin the trim on the upper elastic line (as indicated on the pattern piece). Cut the trim to size.

On the front bodice, find the center front on the neckline and hem. Find the center of the trim. Match the centers and pin the trim vertically along the center front. Cut to size and stitch in place.

Step 3: Continue sewing using the rest of the instructions. Sew only the bottom elastic on the sleeve. Sew the center back as shown with 5 ⅜” hook and loop tape.

Creating the Skirt with Dirndl Skirt Pattern

For the Skirt, this is the pattern we used our Dirndl Skirt pattern. No modifications were done and the apron is included.

Creating the Flower Crown

For the flower crown you will need:

  • A roll of wired vine
  • Various colored flowers (we used blue, yellow, red and white)
  • Ribbons (we used blue and yellow)
  • Glue gun

Step 1: Measure your doll’s head and make a circle wire, about an inch smaller than the doll's head.

Step 2: Wrap wire around the circle wire, making loops as shown.

Step 3: Make more loops to complete the circle. Note: This headdress is like an upside down crown , these loops are worn downwards so that it hugs the doll’s head.

Step 4: Glue flowers around the crown, alternating flower colors.

Step 5. Glue ribbons on the inside. These ribbons are about 6” long.

That's it, you're done! Now the only thing left to do is share your creation with the Appletotes & Co. Facebook Group so we can all see your amazing work!

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