Darcy Boots 18 Inch Doll Pattern Video Sew Along

Hi and welcome to the on-demand version of the Darcy Boots for 18" dolls video sew along, brought to you by our friend Connie Tkach of the sewing project sewing school!

This was originally a live sew along on Facebook and we've archived it here so anyone can follow along with the videos to make these adorable shoes.

There are two videos in this sew along that will guide you from start to finish making the boots. There are also tons of tips and tricks from Connie's experience that make creating these doll boots fun and easy.

You will need the Darcy Boots pattern. Click here to grab your copy if you don't have one already.

Okay, let's get to it with the videos below...

Video 1: Materials & Tools + Templating & Cutting Pattern Pieces

Video 1 Highlights and Time Stamps:

  • Choosing and gathering the right materials (1:41)
  • Choosing the right feet and needles (3:44)
  • Materials for soles and tracing pattern pieces (6:11)
  • Tracing and cutting pattern pieces on vinyl (8:28)
  • Tracing the faux leather pieces (11:26)
  • Working with faux leather grain lines (11:57)
  • Cutting the faux leather pieces (14:10)
  • Cutting the boot soles pieces (14:37)
  • Using fabric for the inner sole (16:20)

Video 2: Constructing the Boots

Video 2 Highlights and Time Stamps:

  • Topstitching top accent piece to upper piece (0:31)
  • Prepping upper piece for vamp (toe) piece (2:34)
  • Attaching upper piece to vamp piece (4:05)
  • Edge stitching upper piece to center of vamp piece (4:59)
  • Sewing edges of vamp piece to upper piece (6:01)
  • Sewing the boot back seam (9:10)
  • Hot gluing the center back seam (10:15)
  • Snipping triangle notches for glue prep (11:03)
  • Attaching the sole to the boot (12:07)
  • Preparing the inner soles (12:59)
  • Attaching fabric piece to inner sole (13:59)
  • Attaching upper part of boot to inner sole (15:54)
  • Attaching the outer sole (20:36)
  • Attaching the trim around the boot/sole (22:25)

So there you have it, a start to finish video tutorial to make the Darcy Boots. Thanks again to Connie for hosting this amazing sew along!

And do you know we also have the Darcy Boots pattern with SVG files included? If you have a cutting machine like Cricut Maker, let it do the work cutting out the pieces for you :)

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