Top 10 Tools to Make Doll Sewing Easier

Sewing for doll clothes is "sew" much fun, no doubt about that! But sometimes the cuteness that comes along with tiny things brings a certain frustration as well. 

And that's why we put together this post of our top 10 doll sewing tools, perfect for stitching up small clothes. Some of these you might not even know exist, but you definitely need these in your life.

These doll sewing tools will make your life easier and your sewing faster, so you can get to making even more doll clothes is less time.

We've provided a link where you can get each of these tools (or a selection for machine-specific tools) on Amazon and other partner sites. Full disclosure, we may get a laughably small commission if you do end up buying one of these tools from one of the links. 

Ready? Let's take a look at the some surprisingly helpful sewing tools for your doll sized creations. But, careful, you may want to kick yourself for not finding these sooner...

1. Little Foot TPT (That Purple Thang)

Push, pull, and poke with that Purple Thang to make all your doll sewing projects that much easier!

Use it to tuck pinned seams that are hard to iron. The flat end can be used to keep fabric at a safe distance from the needle while preventing it from curling over the pressure foot. Perfect for point turning and elastic threading. 

Next thang you know, you'll be wearing this baby around your neck every time you sew.

Click here to get one on Amazon...

 2. Thread Magic

thread magic doll sewing tools

Use Thread Magic to make your thread more manageable by reducing tangles and knots while you're sewing doll clothes. 

Thread Magic works better than old-fashioned beeswax to allow thread to easily pass through fabric without staining. 

Click here to get Thread Magic on Amazon...

3. Tiny Iron

tiny iron for doll clothes doll sewing tool

A tiny iron is an absolute must for any doll sewing enthusiast!

These bad boys heat up fast and are sized perfectly for teeny tiny doll clothes. 

Click here to get the Steamfast model pictured on Amazon...

4. Small Wooden Tailors Clapper

wooden tailors clapper doll sewing tool

Speaking of ironing, a small wooden tailors clapper is perfect for doll clothes. The small size makes it easy to iron your doll garments.

And, bonus, ironing on the wooden surface holds the steam in the fabric for a crisper, more professional look.

Click here to get one on Amazon...

5. Dritz Quick Turn Fabric Tube Turners

dritz quick turn tube fabric turners doll sewing tools

The Dritz Quick Turn Fabric Tube Turners are perfect for easily pushing and turning fabric tubes with three sizes of plastic cylinders and wooden rods.

These babies make turning straps and tight corners super easy!

Click here to get the Dritz Quick Turn on Amazon...

Need a pattern to use these killer tools on? Get one of ours free!

6. Water-Soluble Fabric Glue Pen

 water-soluble fabric glue pen doll sewing tools

Sometimes, especially on small doll clothes, pinning fabric can be a challenge. But with one of these handy fabric glue pens, you'll be all set.

The glue holds fabric effectively for sewing and washes away clean with water!

Click here to get your fabric glue pen on Amazon...

7. Wash-Away Sewing Tape

wash away sewing tape doll sewing tools

Similar to the water soluble fabric glue pen, wash-away sewing tape is a fantastic alternative when pinning just won't work. 

The double sided tape holds fabric together well, can be sewn through, and will cleanly wash out in water without leaving residue. Also great for applique placement.

Click here to get wash-away sewing tape on Amazon...

8. 1/4" Edge Foot (For Perfect Seam Allowances)

1/4" edge foot sewing tool for dolls

A 1/4" edge foot for your sewing machine allows you to nail perfect seam allowances every time. A quarter inch seam is the standard for doll clothes, making this tool an absolute must.

You will need to make sure you get one that fits your machine. Click here to browse Amazon for one that will work with your sewing machine.

9. Clear Sewing Foot

 clear sewing foot doll sewing tool

A clear sewing foot allows for easy viewing of stitches, seams and pattern markings. This will truly make your sewing life easier.

Click here to browse for a clear sewing foot for your machine.

10. Cricut Maker

cricut maker doll sewing tool

Cut your pattern pieces with ease and precision with a Cricut Maker. But that's not all: this machine hosts a suite of crafting features you'll love!

The price tag is a little high on this one compared to the other tools in this post, but it's worth it!

Shop for the Maker at

Wrapping Up

There you have it, 10 amazing tools to help you with sewing doll clothes!

Now, we'd like to hear from you! Leave us a comment below if you've tried any of these or you think there's a essential tool we missed. We love learning about new, helpful gadgets :)

Happy sewing!

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  • LIANA Gooding on

    Thanks, all great ideas. I have several of them but was not familiar with TPT- need that- it will replace at least four other odds and ends I use for those purposes! Can’t say enough good about the sewing tape when sewing doll clothes. A clapper, hmmm sounds interesting since I spend as much time with my iron as I do my sewing machine :)

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