About Appletotes & Co.

Hello and welcome, we are thrilled to have you joined us here at Appletotes & Co. sewing patterns and embroidery designs for dolls!

My name is David and my wife, Applexam, and I run Appletotes & Co. together, where she designs the patterns and I help her spread the word.

Applexam majored in fashion design at IADT, which is where she learned a lot of the skills to make the doll clothes patterns here, but she actually started her career as a wedding dress designer. 

She discovered American Girl dolls when she was commissioned by a local private school to design a doll swimsuit to match their swim team's uniform, and she's been hooked on sewing for dolls ever since. Eventually, she decided to put her pattern making skills into action and created Appletotes & Co. in 2015 to share her creations with the world. 

In 2018, as the business grew,  I left my digital marketing gig to join Appletotes & Co. and handle the marketing and business side.

Plot twist: now I'm hooked on the doll world too (who saw that coming?!) and I have a new passion for doll photography that you'll see as you get to know us more, especially if you connect on Instagram and Pinterest below ;)

So, I'm just so glad to invite you on this journey with us of making and sharing the cutest doll clothes you can imagine!